• Receipt number will be given directly by Indah Logistik officer when the package is sent via customer service or courier.

  • You can check Indah Logistik's receipt number independently by searching on the web browser www.indahonline.com or through the Indah Logistics application online on google play or the apple store.

  • Indah Logistik has high operational standards, warehouse ownership throughout Indonesia, daily departure schedules, affordable prices, SMS notification customer information systems, sophisticated websites and applications, we also provide door to door service and which is certainly minimal risk or guarantee for damage or loss of the package.

  • For non-corporate customers, payment can be made in cash when the package is handed over to branch customer service or an official Indah Logistik office agent, payment can also be made by billing at the destination and COD. For corporate customers, the payment system can be made with invoices according to the terms and conditions that apply.

  • To make a claim submission procedure, you can contact our call center at hotline: 021-8062-7000 or Whatsapp at 0811-1894-4456. Then you can take the claim form at the nearest branch counter and complete all the required requirements.

  • For customers who intentionally send packages that are prohibited by the government, then based on article 47 of Law No.38 of 2009, the customer will be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 5 (five) years or a maximum fine of Rp.1,000,000,000. - (one billion rupiah) and the delivery service provider (Indah Logistik) cannot be held responsible for this incident.

  • You can contact our call center at the hotline number: 021-8062-7000.

  • (Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)) /5000 : for land and sea services

    (Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)) /6000 : for air service

    (Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)) / 1.000.000 : for cubication calculation

  • (CC motorcycle x postage)

  • (Length (cm) + Width (cm) + Height (cm)) /3 x 3500

  • (Length (cm) + Width (cm) + Height (cm)) /3 x 1500

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