• This label sticker indicates that the package must not be placed upside down (it must be in the direction of the arrow). Make sure to position the sticker on a flat surface (not package folds, gaps, etc.) at a maximum of 4 corners on a square box-shaped package.

  • This fragile label sticker provides important information to the delivery service (Indah Logistik), that in the process of moving packages, packages need to be treated very carefully. This fragile label sticker is intended for packages of ornamental plants, glassware, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

  • This food label sticker is used to send food items that must be sent immediately, are important and urgent so their delivery cannot be pending.

  • Electronic packages are wrapped in bubble plastic, then put in the package box, close the box, then sealed with tape using the "H taping method", then repeated again by placing PE foam/styrofoam pads on the walls of the next box, then taped again until neatly, for extra security according to the package value, a wooden box can be made based on plywood boards.

  • Make sure that the motorbike is sterile from fuel and oil. If fuel and oil are still found, Indah Logistics officers are obliged to drain it and re-confirm that the motorbike is in a condition where there is no more fuel and oil remaining. Motorcycle packing consists of 3 layers of packing material, the first layer is PE foam or foam, the second layer is corrugated paper (wave paper), the third layer is bubble wrap (bubble plastic).

  • Indah Logistics officers make cages or box-shaped packing frames according to the dimensions of the height and width of ornamental plants using wooden materials. After the plants are placed in the wooden packing frame, cover them with bubble wrap (not too tight, potentially causing the plants to lack oxygen air) so that the plants dry and withered.

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