1. INDAH LOGISTIK is a company incorporated as a legal entity engaged in the delivery of goods / goods deposit.
  2. DEPOSIT is all forms of goods / packages, documents or letters sent through INDAH LOGISTIK.
  3. Delivery is a consumer who has used the delivery service of DEPOSIT at INDAH LOGISTIK.
  4. VALUABLE DEPOSIT is a type of shipment that has the following criteria:
    a. According to the acknowledgment of SHIPPING has a high price.
    b. Has a special shape and handling.
    c. Are goods that have special meaning to the SENDER and RECIPIENT.
  5. Dangerous goods are deposits that are explosive or flammable, easily broken, leaks in liquid goods, illegal drugs, according to the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations are prohibited from being produced and distributed.
  6. Valuables and securities are deposits according to the type and criteria in the form of: Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Cash, Cyanide, Platinum and precious stones or metals, Cash checks, Bilyet Giro, Money Orders or Traveler's Checks, Antiques, BPKB, STNK, Vehicle Mutation, Vehicle Kier, Certificate, Passport, Land / House Certificate, Birth Certificate, Insurance Document Identity Card (KTP, Driving License (SIM, Report Card, Family Card (KK, Notary Documents, Power of Attorney, Certificate)) HGB, Marriage Book, Death Certificate/Death Certificate (ISO, Licence, Pension Decree and Transfer Certificate (Domicile, etc.)
  7. Goods that are prohibited by the government are DEPOSIT which contain criteria such as: Illegal drugs, Marijuana, Narcotics (Drugs, Firearms, Rare Animals, Protected animals, including animal / animal organs).
  8. Force majeure is a condition that is caused either due to natural disasters, emergencies, or other things that are not measurable and / or beyond human capabilities so that the goods are damaged, delayed or lose the goods belonging to the Sender.
  9. In general, there are only 2 types of weight of goods in delivery, namely actual weight and volume weight. Actual weight is the weight obtained from the weighing result while volume weight is the weight that is influenced by the Length, Width, and Height of an item using the following formula:
    Land Cargo = (L x W x H/4,000)
    Sea Cargo = (L x W x H) /4,000)
    Air Cargo = (L x W x H/6,000)
    Cubications = (L x W x H/1,000,000).


  1. All prices and regulations are considered valid and agreed upon by the sender, if the sender has signed the receipt / proof of delivery in the sender column.
  2. The SENDER is prohibited from submitting DEPOSIT to INDAHLOGISTIK to be sent to the RECIPIENT for goods containing the following:
    a. Dangerous goods according to the definition above.
    b. Valuables and securities according to the above definition.
    c. Goods that are prohibited by the Government according to the above definition.
  3. That every item that will be sent through INDAH LOGISTIK Shipping Services first checks the contents of the goods, if the delivery of goods is not available, the sender is willing to make and / or fill out a statement / the company is not willing to bring the goods.
  4. If the deposit is picked up / picked up by the recipient at the INDAH LOGISTIK office and if it is picked up more than 1X24 hours after notification of collection, an additional daily storage fee of 50% of the shipping fee will be charged and if the recipient is not picked up more than 7X24 hours after notification from INDAH LOGISTIK the deposited goods is not the responsibility of INDAH LOGISTIK anymore.
  5. In the event that the RECIPIENT does not receive the DEPOSIT in accordance with the delivery service chosen by the SENDER, INDAH LOGISTIK will give 5 (five working days from the estimated time of delivery) the opportunity for the SENDER to submit a claim to INDAH LOGISTIK in the event that the DEPOSIT is not accepted.
  6. If the DEPOSIT is damaged or lacking when the DEPOSIT is received by the Recipient, the Recipient may submit a claim to INDAH LOGISTIK, by submitting an official report on the handover of the goods signed by the RECIPIENT and INDAH LOGISTIC's Delivery Officer and if the RECIPIENT does not file a claim/objection to the DEPOSIT at the time the goods are delivered. ACCEPTED and not making a MINUTES OF CLAIM signed by both parties, then the right to submit a claim is declared invalid / void.
  7. INDAH LOGISTIK is responsible for damage and / or lack of DEPOSIT contents before being handed over to the sender, and in the event of damage and / or shortages after the DEPOSIT goods are received by the sender, the sender can submit a claim with a time limit of 1X24 hours.
  8. If the deposit value is above Rp. 1.000.000,- (one million rupiah), then the DEPOSIT can be insured by the SENDER to an insurance company that has been appointed by INDAH LOGISTIK, and the Sender pays the premium in accordance with applicable regulations.
  9. The claim submission is made by the SENDER in writing at the sender's place of transaction provided that the original documents are:
    a. Valid ID of the SENDER.
    b. RECEIPT.
    c. If it is insured, it must be accompanied by a Letter of Closure for Shipping Insurance.
    d. These documents will be matched with the documents at INDAH LOGISTIK.
  10. If there is a difference, then INDAH LOGISTIK will decide based on the documents contained in INDAHLOGISTIK, with the signing of the RECEIPT, this means that the SENDER declares that he has read and agreed to all of the terms and conditions mentioned above.
  11. DEPOSIT delivery cancellation is divided into 2 (two):
    a. DEPOSIT delivery cancellation at the time of Pick Up, a minimum payment of 50% of the shipping fee will be charged.
    b. DEPOSIT delivery cancellation after the goods are brought to the warehouse (warehouse then all fees that have been paid cannot be returned.
    Hereby the sender declares that he can accept and agree to these terms and conditions.
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