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Company Profile

PT. Indah Logistik is a company engaged in the field of business of goods transportation services with the aim of all provinces and regencies in Indonesia, as well as serving the delivery of goods and documents abroad. Currently we control almost 100% of the delivery destinations in Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. The number of our operational vehicles which reaches 1,800 units, as well as our branch offices spread throughout the Provinces and Regencies, make PT. Indah Logistik become one of the goods transportation service companies taken into account in Indonesia.

The scope of delivery of goods through 10 services land, express land, sea, air, instant, sameday, trucking cooler, trucking dry, towing and international that we have prepared and with our motto Quick Pick Up, Fast Delivery, Fast Information, making it easier for our customers in determining the choice of delivery of goods.


Promote and develop a cargo / cargo service company with reliable, reputable and trusted risk management by people throughout Indonesia, as well as the welfare of the underprivileged and will build cargo support facilities that can be integrated with applications, to make it easier for customers to track goods entrusted to us thereby increasing people's trust in us.


  • Providing transportation/deposit service products to all corners of the country by prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Organizing business activities that create a conducive working climate for the corporate community to contribute optimally for the growth and survival of the company.
  • Running a cargo/deposit service and risk management business ethically to maximize shareholder value.
  • Participate in national economic development efforts.
  • Strive and work with the spirit of growing with customers and increasing capital for the benefit of shareholders.
  • Participate in assisting the government in reducing poverty by providing compensation to orphans and the poor.
  • Opening job opportunities for the wider community, especially the lower middle class with a minimum income according to government regulations.
  • Assist the government in improving the people's economy by distributing goods needed by the community to remote areas of the country at affordable prices.

A brief History

PT. Indah Logistik was founded in 2011 under the name PT. Indah Logistik which specializes in shipping goods throughout Indonesia. The founder of PT. Indah Logistik Mr. H. Arisal Aziz, is a big businessman from the city of Pariaman, Lima Koto District, Kampung Dalam, West Sumatra who has been in the travel and freight transportation business since 2000.

With hard work, sincerity and a desire to open up job opportunities and the intention to prosper the orphans and poor people.

The development of the company is increasing rapidly. Currently, we are already serving the delivery of goods to all over Indonesia. Effective and efficient considerations have made management decide to open branch offices throughout Indonesia, so that currently our number of branch offices has reached 519 branches. The increase in the number of branch offices must of course be balanced with the presence of a professional, skilled and highly dedicated workforce, therefore management decided to employ several experienced professionals in their respective fields, where currently the number of employees reaches 2,880 people supported by +/- 1,800 operational vehicles.

Indah Logistik

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