Terms and Conditions


  1. INDAH GROUP is all Branches and Offices INDAH GROUP Agents that have been specified INDAH GROUP Management decisions.
  2. TITIPAN are all forms of goods / packages, documents or letters sent through INDAH GROUP.
  3. TITIPAN SECURITIES (SPECIAL ITEMS) is the type of items that have the following criteria:
    • According to the SENDER has a price / high value.
    • It has a shape and special handling.
    • An item that has special meaning to the SENDER and / or RECEIVER.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All prices and rules are considered valid and agreed upon by a relatively Sender, if the sender has signed dikolom sender.
  2. SENDER prohibited handed TITIPAN to INDAH GROUP to be sent to RECIPIENT on goods that contain any of the following:
    • Dangerous goods explosive or flammable, drugs, goods under the provisions of the laws and regulations in force, banned produced and disseminated.
    • The valuables and securities in the form of them: gold, silver, jewelry, cash, ash, cyanide, platinum, and precious metal batuatau, cektunai, giro, money order or travellers cheque, antiques.
    • The animals or plant life.
    • Other items that exceed declare the value and / or other items that set the discretion INDAH GROUP.
  3. Expressions SENDER about the content TITIPAN an admission believed by INDAH GROUP and tie it to the SENDER, and if in the later case of problems causing damage TITIPAN and it kind TITIPAN tidaksesuai with recognition SENDER, then SENDER freeing INDAH GROUP from all forms of responsibility and lawsuits, without prejudice to the rights INDAH GROUP to take legal action both civil and criminal, on false information that has been given by the SENDER.
  4. INDAH GROUP is not responsible for the conditions as follows:
    • DAMAGES, against all damages TITIPAN which by its nature or because these items are goods pecahbelah and technical risks on the machine as well as electronic goods during transport, causing malfunction or changing the functionality of electronic goods in question.
    • Leaking liquid goods and / or because of the nature of the item that is easy to leak.
    • Detention and / or confiscation and disposal TITIPAN by the authorities.
    • The damage, delay or loss because circumstances force (force majeure) caused either by natural disasters, emergencies, or other things that are not measurable and / or beyond human ability.
  5. In the case RECIPIENTS not accept TITIPAN in accordance with the delivery service chosen by the SENDER, then INDAH GROUP member the opportunity 5 (five) working days after the estimated time of delivery for the SENDER to file a claim with INDAH GROUP in terms TITIPAN not received, lost, damaged or less.
  6. INDAH GROUP is not obliged to inform the SENDER about it has received TITIPAN by the RECIPIENT.
  7. INDAH GROUP responsible for TITIPAN and TITIPAN SECURITIES (special items) along the SENDER recognition at the time of the signing of the same with the contents TITIPAN RESI, with the following conditions:
    • In the event of loss, damage or shortage on TITIPAN uninsured, a maximum reimbursement of 10 (ten) times the cost of shipping to TITIPAN and / or does not exceed the value of Rp. 1.000.000, - (one million rupiah).
    • To TITIPAN which has a subjective value, such as ID cards, vehicle registration, Document Tender and others (as the regulations stipulated by the insurance) as well as TITIPAN the value of the goods exceeds 10 (ten) times the cost of shipping, must be insured that payment the premiums paid by the SENDER to the Insurance Courier Services in accordance with the rates prescribed by the Insurance companies Courier Services. Restitution is completed in accordance with the Insurance Contract Policy Courier Services. When SENDER not insured and it appeared event of loss, damage and / or shortage of the number, then INDAH GROUP is not responsible for doing any replacement.
  8. INDAH GROUP has no responsibility in any form other than what is stated in paragraph 12 above, including any loss of any kind in the form of the material loss, immaterial and / or loss of opportunity to earn profits suffered by the SENDER and RECIPIENT as a result of delays, shortages , damage or loss TITIPAN.
  9. The filing and settlement of claims made in writing by the SENDER place of delivery transactions do, on condition submit original documents such as:
    • SENDER valid Identity
    • RESI
    • If the insured must be included with the Closing Letter Insurance Shipping

The documents will be matched with a document that is in INDAH GROUP. If there are differences, then INDAH GROUP will decide based on documents exist in INDAH GROUP.

With this the sender states that can accept and agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.